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The Right Chords

A lot has already been written about this new age plush, kitsch Haveli turned Hotel - Narendra Bhawan. Gracing itself in a residential colony of Bikaner city, little would one imagine intriguing history, art and great hospitality all under one roof. One might get mistaken by the exteriors of Narendra Bhawan as just another heritage, royal structure. But the moment one steps in, the vibrant yet warm lobby greets the guests to make an immediate connection. Travelling overnight from Delhi didn't feel much of an effort as we comforted ourselves on the oversized, upholstered leather sofas in the lobby. As we were waiting for our check-in formalities to be taken care of, I thought of taking a small leisure walk. Enjoying the cool gentle breeze, I was greeted by the gorgeous, blooming Bougainvilleas around. I soaked myself in the soft Jazz playing in the background. I have to admit that was the moment I fell in love with this place. The memories I assimilated in next three days might seem biased as this Haveli turned Hotel Narendra Bhawan had struck THE RIGHT CHORDS for me in the first go.

The interiors are a pleasant contrast and break away from traditional Indian Heritage destinations. The fresh colour palettes and design elements, inspired by varied cultures are put together as a beautiful amalgamation. The alliance of old world charm with the new age sensibility is very distinct here. If you are a sucker for history and would enjoy being taken for some story telling sessions ,you would absolutely adore this place. While the courtyard Diwali Chowk, situated on the second floor oozes regal exuberance, the coffee shop Mad Hatter gives a feel of some fine boutique French café. The eclectic red piano, intricately hand crafted mirrors, patterned and colourful floor tiles, collections of Playboys and several coffee table books on art and design. These are just few of the amusing and gripping details I fell for.

The enthusiastic, warm, hospitable team of Narendra Bhawan would always be very happy to narrate every little tale residing there. The narrations became even better while enjoying my cup of perfect masala chai.

For all those who can’t be much bothered with history or artistic parts of the palace, they must just enjoy the warmth and friendly atmosphere at this off-beat haveli turned hotel. The gorgeous, adorable pets playing around the haveli make the friendly ambience here very evident.

And whilst am still little tipsy from all night soirees with some amazing friends I made there, I want to collate memories that still tickle me, bring me smile and remind me of this exuberant, exotic off beat getaway, Narender Bhawan.

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