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A Perfect Beginning to a Perfect Fairytale

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, we travel to a new city. We love it when our work takes us to places we have never been before. Little did we know that the wedding we were to cover will introduce us to some absolutely amazing and friendly people. With the bride and the groom’s families being neighbors for years, all the celebrations felt like one big family’s affair. The big fat Indian wedding of Iti and Madhur had a perfect beginning seeking blessings from “sukhmani sahib path" with all the loved ones around. Most of the indian wedding celebrations begin with divine blessings. Each family has its own beliefs and wish the soon to be wedded couple in their own ways to begin a new journey.The quiter, pious moments are usually followed by days of music,dancing and celebrations. So this year winters have finally wrapped up and left us with some warm, beautiful momemts worth sharing and admiring.


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