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17 Mile deep in heart

It is travel time once again. I fly into United States this time for our first wedding assignment in Florida. Whilst the big countdown has begun, a few days before this gorgeously designed dream wedding, I am taking a small vacation in California. ​

I am soaking myself in this beautiful land, with some of my absolute favorite people in the world. Now every time I land here at the west coast, there is an abundance of special experiences to fill up my trunks. At times I try to catch some moments with my camera and keep them close to my heart. At times I try to weave stories around my special moments. And then there are some moments I can never manage to put words to. I keep them in private, keep revisiting them and try to relive them again and again.

On one perfect Californian afternoon, I had my heart beating for jaw dropping, beautiful 17 Mile Drive. Hugging the pacific coastline, gracing itself with some famous golf courses and an address to some exquisite mansions. There is so much to feel here and very little to tell. A magical space where the best of nature and human resources coexist. One visit to this place and one would never wonder why is 17-Mile Drive widely recognised as one of the most scenic drives in the world. Pebble Beach is a perfect stop for some beautiful bird watching against the gorgeous blue waters of the Pacific. Photographs can do little justice to the magical foreplay of nature here. But I still try to take back some moments from here, to cherish for rest of my life.

A lunch halt at Roy’s here is like that perfect cherry on your cake. The very known high end chain offers impeccable services in this tastefully designed landmark address. The restaurant offers Hawaiian fusion delicacies and some very interesting cocktails. The flavour of my spiced mango margarita is what will tickle my taste buds for long. Not too sweet and spiced up perfectly with a smooth mango flavour. A perfect experience with some extraordinary food, serviced by extremely friendly staff.

So here I am at 17-Mile Drive. And this is all about a perfect Californian afternoon, bringing in miles long smiles and seeping in miles deep in my heart.

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