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On a busy work trip to Europe, an impulsive thought of a random weekend getaway knocks. Sitting in south of France in a small but beautiful place called Montpellier, I was debating between a vacation to Sardinia or Corsica. And then suddenly I was intrigued by the beautiful island of Corsica, spoken about in my childhood favourite Asterix very often and in my recently favourite bollywood film ‘Tamasha’. The next thing I know is I had Deepika and Ranbir’s visuals of singing “ting ding ding ding“ in my mind. Soon I was on mediterranean waters, in an overnight ferry from Marseilles, taking me to picturesque LE CORSE.

The city welcomed me with the most beautiful sunrise of my life. Birth island of Napolean Bonaparte, this is a place everyone will fall in love with. A heritage and leisure town with quaint and cobbled streets, broken yet talking walls. The city is a photographer’s delight and lovers’ paradise. It’s a land that gave me a feel of raw and classic romance, the kind which I read in books years ago.

Soaking myself in the Mediterranean beauty of Bastia, I stroll into St-Nicolas square. With a statue of NAPOLEAN BONAPARTE and a row of chirpy pizzerias, this seems to be a big attraction for first time tourists to the town. Just behind the cafes are strings of fine boutiques quintessential to Europe.

The walk around the town is nothing less than beautiful walk in a live painting. It is easy to loose track of time with little details in every corner. The town buzzes with young energy around its picturesque port. It is surrounded by several small eateries which get converted into high energy pubs at sundown. One of the most special memories of this place will be night long mass singing, dancing and celebration on classic ‘Camandade Ceguera’. Falling short of words talking about the gripping character of Beautiful Corsica, I want to leave you with some visuals through my camera. This is my little story, of a small town I am in love with. A town with broken walls, crooked lanes that make you believe in love at first sight.

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